Fully Automated. The smart vaccine refrigerator / freezer for efficient and effective handling of vaccine.

AccuVax® automates the many time consuming, required tasks associated with the proper storing, rotating, reporting and ordering of vaccines. The computer-controlled, cloud-based system is fully HIPAA-compliant, and allows you to set access and administrative levels of reporting by staff member. You decide who receives which alerts — temperature deviation, battery back-up activation, approaching expiration date, low-stock levels, and more.

  • Complete Alerting Suite.

    The AccuVax smart vaccine refrigerator comes with a comprehensive real-time alerting system for product expiration, stock depletion, temperature deviation and, in the event of a power outage, when the system’s back-up battery is activated. Alerts can be set for text and/or email delivery.

  • Ordering Your Way.

    AccuVax was designed with flexibility in mind to meet the needs of your practice. The system facilitates reordering in three different ways: Fully automated ordering generates purchase orders (PO) automatically and sends them directly to suppliers; those who prefer more control over ordering can have the PO routed for approval prior to sending; and those who prefer direct control over ordering can have reorder messages routed to a designated person to place orders for the office.

  • Power Backup.

    Every AccuVax smart vaccine refrigerator comes with built-in battery backup of 9 hours. AccuVax generates automatic alerts if power goes out and the backup battery is activated. 95% of power outages in the United States are resolved within 4 hours; while the AccuVax battery backup system operates, thermal stability is maintained, and the system lets you know how much time you have to restore power or move vaccine stock to alternate refrigerated storage.

  • Inventory Separation.

    AccuVax builds a virtual fence around VFC, state, and private inventories to keep them separate. Ownership of doses is designated when AccuVax is re-filled, so the system automatically dispenses the right dose from the right stock upon request.

  • EMR Integration.

    The AccuVax smart technology data system can be seamlessly integrated to your existing electronic medical records system. This allows you to reap the highest level of office efficiency and eliminate redundant data entry with automatic documentation.

Remarkably Cost-Effective. AccuVax saves your practice time and money.
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