Built-in Vaccine Temperature Log. For continuous, accurate temperature management.

  • Accurate Temperature Management.

    AccuVax® is designed to store vaccine at the exact temperatures needed for each vaccine type. More than a dozen temperature sensors monitor temperatures 24/7, ensuring that even the slightest deviation in temperature is discovered before a temperature excursion. Vaccine temperature log reports and graphs are available instantly, so you never again have to manually log vaccine temperatures. Since the system is designed to dispense vaccines without opening a door, the temperature stays constant no matter how many doses are used.

  • Vaccine Freezer Included.

    A purpose-built, pharmaceutical-grade unit, AccuVax serves as both a vaccine refrigerator and a vaccine freezer. The system has capacity for 72 frozen doses in addition to 684 refrigerated locations. In the event of a power outage, the built-in power back-up keeps temperatures consistent in the vaccine freezer and refrigerator zones, and the comprehensive alerting suite instantly informs you or someone on your staff of the power and temperature situation.

Remarkably Cost-Effective. AccuVax saves your practice time and money.
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