Design Innovation.

Intuitive. Useful.

In a world of increasingly constrained resources, improving healthcare delivery through automation and efficiency has become essential to improving health outcomes. Our technology is meant to enable healthcare providers to deliver better, safer, more efficient, more cost-effective clinical care to patients.

When creating a new solution, we look at the overall practice processes, user flows, key interactions, and general human behavior and intuition to orchestrate system design, hardware, and software. The end result is easy to use, saves time, minimizes waste, reduces errors, and maximizes patient safety. We create and integrate appropriate technology to deliver efficient, effective automation and user experience.

Our solutions are designed to deliver dramatic, fantastic improvements in workflow, efficiency, user experience, and clinical outcome.

We start by identifying difficult, widespread supply management challenges. We combine domain expertise in clinical workflow, user need, design thinking, hardware, software, and product realization with a burning desire to solve these tough, valuable problems.