Revolutionizing One Solution at a Time.

Delivering transformational practice management solutions is no easy feat. It takes thorough planning, domain expertise, true product innovation, and the know-how and commitment to make it happen, one purpose-built solution at a time.

Our starting point is vaccines, which have changed the course of human health. From there, we will focus on other opportunities where inefficiencies are high and an effective solution helps healthcare providers improve and save more lives on a large scale.

"We come from the belief that design really matters. And thinking through how we get the best technology, the best user experience."

– Gene Baker, Co‑Founder

Why AccuVax?

Vaccines lose potency if exposed to excess light, heat or freezing temperatures. Doses are expensive, and expired ones need to be discarded. CDC vaccine storage guidelines require temperatures be documented twice daily, access to light be kept to a minimum, and expiration dates be rigorously monitored. This high-touch, time-intensive manual supply management process is laborious to maintain. AccuVax automates all these manual processes and much more.

Watch this video to see how AccuVax became unique.