Smart Technology.

Time Well Spent.

Imagine not having to manually count, stock, rotate, inventory, log, report, or order supply. Imagine a practice where providers are able to spend more time with patients. That’s the power of technology, well-designed smart systems, and the connected cloud.

We create point-of-care systems that are HIPAA-compliant, biometrically secured, and simple to use. They provide rights-based secure access for manufacturers, distributors, public health officials and patients, from any web browser or mobile device. Customizable controls, comprehensive alerting, power back-up and EMR integration give your practice the supply management automation needed to run efficiently and with peace of mind.

Today, well-designed technology, prudently applied, effectively and efficiently helps manage businesses, homes, manufacturing facilities, automobiles, and even patient data.

Clinical technology and innovation has always been a central part of improving health throughout human history. Innovation in healthcare delivery technology presents a major opportunity to contribute to our tradition of constant medical advancement.