TruMed Announces Launch of the AccuShelf Total Practice Inventory Management System


TruMed® Systems, Inc. announces launch of the AccuShelf™ total practice inventory management system, to complement the AccuVax® vaccine storage and handling solution

San Diego, CA (May 2020) – TruMed Systems, the makers of AccuVax®, the emerging standard in vaccine storage and handling, today launched the AccuShelf Inventory Management System. AccuShelf is designed in response to customer requests to expand TruMed’s inventory management offering to all medications in the healthcare setting, from Aspirin to Zoster. The system delivers efficient inventory control, simplifies workflows, and enhances patient safety in an easy to use system.

AccuShelf makes inventory control simple, from tracking of receiving items, to patient administration. The system utilizes an all-in-one touch screen PC system with an integrated biometric reader and a wireless barcode scanner to capture and record every medication dose with lot, and expiration.  It tracks each dose to a specific patient and can communicate with compatible electronic health record systems for more accurate charge capture.

The AccuShelf system also helps reduces waste, loss, and discrepancies. The system automatically creates a full audit trail for each transaction and every dose administered and accurately reports inventory usage to an online portal. User-defined low inventory alerts assist in avoiding inventory stockouts which can affect patient care. AccuShelf also makes it easy to assign and perform cycle counts, ensuring real-time inventory on-hand totals and inventory traceability with reconciliation audit trails. This workflow dramatically simplifies end of month inventory reconciliation providing always accurate inventory.

AccuShelf also enhances patient safety as the touch screen provides users the ability to confirm medication dosage and alerts on expired or recalled products during dispense. Medication information visuals are displayed throughout workflows including package images, unit of dose icons, and custom labeling, for an additional layer of safety for validating the correct dose and administration method.

AccuShelf has several configurable options: The Temperature Monitoring (TM) module is designed to automate and meet CDC and VFC temperature logging compliance with wireless digital data loggers that can monitor and alert on any nearby cold storage unit. Another configurable option, important for many public health facilities, is the automated capture of 340B prescription data and built-in reporting, eliminating cumbersome and manual compliance efforts of separating inventory and tracking every dose by invoice, provider, and prescriber.

The new AccuShelf Inventory Management System is available nationwide today. Learn more at AccuShelf.com or call 844-878-6331 to sign up for webinar.

Accushelf features diagram