TruMed® Systems, Inc. and OSIS deploy AccuVax® NextGen integration


San Diego, CA (August, 2020) – TruMed Systems and OSIS announced the release of the AccuVax-NextGen integration solution to current OSIS customers and not-for-profit NextGen users. “We have used the AccuVax Vaccine Management System for over a year to provide exceptional protection for our vaccines and make VFC compliance much simpler for our teams.” says Marc Bellisario, CEO of Primary Health Solutions, in Ohio. “The addition of the OSIS NextGen integration enhances AccuVax with another layer of safety and time savings by automatically dispensing the ordered dose.”

The bidirectional NextGen integration maximizes patient safety and saves time by allowing OSIS customer’s immunization orders to be automatically transferred from the electronic health record (EHR) to the AccuVax system, thereby ensuring the ordered vaccine is always correct at dispense. AccuVax also transmits information back to the EHR, documenting immunization details into the patient chart, including the vaccine dosage, lot, expiration, and administered time, ensuring accurate and timely billing capture.

The AccuVax NextGen integration is available today for all OSIS customers and non-profit NextGen customers. Contact info@AccuVax.com to learn more or schedule a demo.


About OSIS: OSIS is a full-service Health Center Controlled Network that is custom-built to solve the unique technology challenges faced by Community Health Centers. They are also one of NextGen Healthcare’s largest customers. And unlike other vendors, OSIS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization—just like the members they serve, providing the opportunity for true partnership and access to training, resources and lessons learned from other centers in their network. This shared knowledge is invaluable for saving members time, frustration, and the uncertainty of navigating today’s complex technology challenges on their own. Learn more at www.osisonline.net.

About Primary Health Solutions: Primary Health Solutions is a Federally Qualified Health Center based in Ohio whose mission is to improve community wellness through access to quality, affordable, integrated primary healthcare. They serve the Ohio community with patient-centered excellence, respect, and compassion. Learn more at www.myprimaryhealthsolutions.org