AccuVax. The first fully automated vaccine storage and handling system that manages inventory, reporting and ordering for you.

AccuVax® provides 24/7 temperature monitoring, logging and alerting. The innovatively-designed system automates rotation of stock, ordering and real-time inventory reporting.

Why AccuVax?

The CDC vaccine storage & handling guidelines place many high-touch, time-intensive manual steps on any practice. From documenting temperatures twice daily, minimizing exposure to excess light, and maintaining a high-level of accurate inventory counts; it takes valuable time away from patient focus. AccuVax is purpose-built to automate all of these manual steps to focus time with the patient. With a simple and intuitive design, AccuVax dramatically improves vaccine workflow, storage, and assures maximum effectiveness.

Watch how easy it is to use AccuVax.

Consistent, Accurate Temperature Management.

This fully enclosed unit protects against temperature excursions, even during power outages, and ensures that vaccine is stored at the exact temperature needed, whether refrigerated or frozen, with zero exposure to light.

Biometrically Secured.

AccuVax is fully HIPAA compliant from end to end. It is the first automated, biometrically secure loading and dispensing system that enables you to track who dispensed what vaccine, and allows you the flexibility to use the machine anywhere in your practice by ensuring that only those authorized can access vaccine stock in the machine. Our cloud is a fully secure environment, designed to protect patient information the way it needs to be managed and protected.

Stock Rotated Automatically.

No more remembering to move stock around. This system is designed for effective vaccine storage and handling, ensuring that first product in is first product out to protect against product expiry. AccuVax always automatically dispenses doses closest to expiry.

Inventory Reporting Instantly.

No more manual stock counts. AccuVax reports on your inventory, in real time, anytime, from any web browser. Get daily dispense counts and reconcile against doses posted and charged out. Track by staff and type of stock vaccine dispensed. Know how much stock you have on hand, all the time. Instantly.

Public and Private Vaccine Managed with One System.

AccuVax tracks ownership and origin of all doses, including which doses are physician owned or part of a public immunization program so you don't have to. No more worrying about putting vaccine into different shelves, areas or even separate refrigerators. AccuVax helps to ensure that you provide the right doses to the right patients. All the time. AccuVax is superior to current vaccine storage and handling standards when it comes to ensuring cold chain preservation, stock rotation and storage, and stock management.

Managing vaccine in our clinics is a major, expensive headache for everybody involved. AccuVax is the right solution to help standardize processes, automate vaccine tracking, and protect against spoilage and waste.

Kenny Scott, Sr. Director, Pharmacy Operations and Shared Services, Scripps Health

Remarkably Cost-Effective. AccuVax saves your practice time and money.
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