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Enterprise Inventory Insights .

Gain actionable analytics to effectively manage your entire inventory usage and costs across all your locations with a cloud-based solution.

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medical inventory analytics

Centrally manage your entire inventory–vaccines, medications, PPE and supplies.

Accurate Audit Reports

Gain insight into your inventory usage and costs

Gain insight into your inventory usage and costs

  • Complete inventory transparency, from receipt through administered for every item and every dose in real-time.

  • All-inclusive patient administration details on every vaccine, medication, and supply administered with item information including lot, expiration, date/time, and quantity.

  • Audit report for every safety check executed and the action taken to enhance quality of patient care

  • Financial and reordering forecast reports based on usage and optimal days on hand needs for cost-effective inventory management.

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medical inventory analytics

Tailored Enterprise-Wide Solutions.

Let us help tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Our products are designed to address the unique challenges throughout healthcare, from single-provider Pediatric practices to large, multi-facility healthcare facilities. With TruMed’s flexible software and hardware solutions, enhance the control and efficiency of your medication and vaccine storage and workflows to streamline your entire inventory management. Learn how our solutions will meet your specific needs and increase inventory accuracy, standardize workflows, and improve patient safety.

Stay in control of your inventory

Full Alerting Suite.

AccuSite provides a customizable alerting suite so can you keep your finger on the pulse of your practice’s needs before it is too late.

  • Battery backup activated 

  • Power outages

  • Temperature alerts 

  • Expiring inventory 

  • Low inventory 

  • Configure text and/or email alerts per user

vfc management software

Reduces Waste and Loss

Cost-Effective Inventory Management.

AccuSite reduces waste, loss, and discrepancies by creating a full audit trail for each transaction and accurately reporting inventory usage. User-defined low inventory alerts assist in avoiding inventory stockouts which can affect patient care. Real-time inventory on-hand totals and inventory traceability with reconciliation audit trails, simplify end-of-month inventory reconciliation and allow for cost-effective reordering.

Enhance Patient Safety

Every AccuVax and AccuShelf performs patient safety checks on every dispense for every patient. Support HEDIS improvements with immunization schedule checks for each patient dispense that will review patient history, demographics, and safety data to inform prior to administration if all vaccines are included with patient schedule and age. Every safety check generates a safety audit report to document check against patient age, interval timing, duplicate selections, and dose series counts.

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HPV Vaccine Age Requirements Safety

AGE CAUTION: Dosage is not recommended for patient age.

Dtap vaccine interval safety schedule

TOO CLOSE: Interval time too close since last administered in series.

Dtap vaccine interval safety schedule

DUPLICATES: Two or more brands selected are for the same disease.

vaccine automated patient safety checks

TOO MANY: Patient has already received all doses in suggested series.

Polio vaccine interval schedule

SCHEDULE: Immunization schedule checks on every dispense.

Experience AccuSite and see how your healthcare inventory system can benefit from efficient and cost-effective management.

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  • EHR and EDI integrations 

  • Item master management  

  • Cost and price reporting 

  • Automatic reordering