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Addressing Your VFC Challenges

Navigating VFC storage and handling guidelines.

VFC providers must adhere to time-consuming tasks and meet all VFC storage and handling requirements to maintain certification to the program. VFC Field Representatives will make routine and unannounced site visits to check your processes, so it is essential to have robust vaccine storage workflows in place such as:

  • Monitoring and recording temperatures at least twice daily

  • Using only appropriate refrigeration and freezer units

  • Reviewing and rotating vaccines weekly

  • Maintaining accurate dose counts and usage

Simplify Vaccine Storage & Handling

Automate VFC Program requirements.

Using the correct VFC storage and handling devices will make it easier for you to meet VFC Program requirements. The AccuVax Vaccine Management System automatically handles all aspects of VFC storage and handling so you can focus on treating your patients. The system stores both refrigerated and frozen vaccines in the same unit, guarantees constant temperature monitoring, and includes VFC-compliant temperature logs for submission. VFC and privately-purchased vaccines are separated and all inventory is rotated by expiry date to ensure minimal waste without any manual effort. AccuVax simplifies all program requirements with VFC-specific workflows, saving you and your staff time for high-value care.

VFC compliance, simplified.

AccuVax handles all aspects of VFC compliance by ensuring proper storage, monitoring temperatures, and maintaining inventory and ordering in a manner that meets or exceeds VFC vaccine storage and management guidelines.

AccuVax automates 7 of the 10 VFC Activities

  • Vaccine temperature monitoring
  • Vaccine storage & handling plans
  • Vaccine storage equipment
  • Vaccine storage practices
  • Vaccine security & equipment maintenance
  • Vaccine ordering & inventory management
  • Vaccine waste

Save Staff Time

Spend less time on non-clinical tasks.

  • Barcode reader for quick & accurate loading

  • Manages the separation of VFC and Private inventory automatically

  • Records temperatures automatically with complete regulatory logs

  • Guaranteed temperature control and stability to eliminate excursions

  • Real time inventory to simplify reconciliation

  • Rotates stock automatically to nearest to expire for always first out

  • Approved in all 50 states

AccuShelf TM

Inventory Management and Temperature Control

Inventory Management and Temperature Control

Manage your refrigerated and non-refrigerated inventory with AccuShelf TM.  With a quick scan, you can track any item, lot, and expiration to simplify overall inventory control, save time, and improve efficiencies throughout your practice. AccuShelf TM automates 6 of 10 of the required VFC activities.

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AccuSite: Leverage real-time inventory analytics to effectively manage your inventory across all locations with a cloud-based inventory management solution.

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