Announcing release of the newest model, AccuVax ES

TruMed® Systems, Inc. announces release of their newest model of the AccuVax® Vaccine Management System, the AccuVax ES.

SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 17th, 2019 – TruMed® Systems, the fastest growing vaccine storage and handling company, today launched an upgraded model of the emerging standard in vaccine management, AccuVax Vaccine Management System. This upgraded model, AccuVax ES, builds upon the benefits AccuVax systems deliver to healthcare providers and adds a refrigerated drawer. With the added capability to store odd-shaped refrigerated products in the drawer, AccuVax ES fully eliminates the need for separate monitored refrigerators and freezers at Primary Care and Family Practices.

Benefits of the new AccuVax ES Vaccine Management System include:

  • Integrated drawer that allows practices to leverage AccuVax temperature and inventory control across all cold storage medications (for example; larger syringes like Bicillin, Prolia®, Rhogam®, Rsperdal®, and odd-shaped medications like DCA Hemoglobin).
  • New, dedicated spaces for vaccines that are drawn up and refused, so they can be safely stored, tracked, and dispensed before expiry to further reduce vaccine waste and loss.
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen with intuitive user interface and workflows that simplify vaccine management and automate CDC & VFC compliance.

“Our latest enhancement to AccuVax continues our efforts to help protect and improve patient safety while lowering inventory costs for any practice;” states CEO Jesper Jensen, “AccuVax ES safeguards vaccines with guaranteed temperature control, saves staff time for patient care, eliminates vaccine waste, and reduces medication errors. ”

The new AccuVax ES Vaccine Management System is available nationwide today. Learn more at www.AccuVax.com or call 844-878-6331 to schedule a demo.