More than 150 of the 1,384 CHCs around the country now use AccuVax and AccuShelf for vaccine and medication management in their facilities.


SAN DIEGOMay 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Community Health Centers (CHC) and look-alike CHCs across the country access American Rescue Plan Funds for AccuVax and AccuShelf, the emerging standards in vaccine and inventory management provided by TruMed Systems, to enhance health care services. More than 150 of the 1,384 CHCs around the country now use AccuVax and AccuShelf for vaccine and medication management in their facilities.

“By standardizing our vaccine management with the AccuVax system, our vaccines are protected and allow our entire team to remain focused on delivering safe and effective immunization to all patients,” Variety Care CEO Lou Carmichael said. “As a CHC, Variety Care is dedicated to increasing access to quality health care services and improving the standard of care received by local community members.”

“AccuVax and AccuShelf offer tailored COVID-19 workflows to automate the demanding storage and handling requirements. This ensures that these vaccines are optimally stored and managed,” says Ryan Quigley Vice President of Product Marketing at TruMed® Systems, Inc. “The COVID-19 workflow complements and leverages our efficient vaccine workflow, doorless designed units for optimal vaccine temperature control, and comprehensive patient safety checks that have made us the fastest-growing vaccine automation solution throughout the country.”

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) distributed $6.1 billion from the American Rescue Plan for one-time funding all health centers to mitigate COVID-19 and enhance patient care and infrastructure. AccuVax and AccuShelf systems directly align with the funding stated purpose and requirements within Subtitle G Section 2601 (b) (1), (3), & (5) of The American Rescue Plan and meet several specific funding use Categories provided by HRSA (click for H8F Grant Application Information). Importantly, the CHCs that purchase AccuVax and AccuShelf build vaccine infrastructure that can improve immunization programs and patient care for years to come while also offsetting future costs with the use of the one-time funding opportunity.

CHCs realize many benefits from AccuVax and AccuShelf:

  • Safeguard vaccine viability with ideal and guaranteed temperature control,
  • Automate COVID-19 workflow and storage requirements,
  • Maximize patient safety with built in safety alerts,
  • Free staff time for Top of License care by reducing labor spent on vaccine management,
  • Track vaccines, non-vaccine medications, and PPE and other supplies with real-time counts accurate to the dose, and
  • 340B workflow and compliance reporting available for other medications.

To learn more about AccuVax and AccuShelf benefits and how to apply for HRSA grant information, read the attached H8F Grant Overview document (click for H8F Grant Application Information) provided by TruMed Systems. Contact TruMed today to schedule a demo or obtain HRSA pricing at

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