Pediatric Associates and TruMed® Systems, Maker of the AccuVax® Vaccine Management System, Join Forces to Improve Delivery of Vaccines to Florida Infants and Children  

America’s largest private pediatric practice installs 60 advanced vaccine management systems to safeguard supply and improve handling of pediatric vaccines

PLANTATION, Fla. and SAN DIEGO (April 23, 2018) – In conjunction with World Immunization Week and National Infant Immunization Week, Pediatric Associates of Florida and TruMed Systems, maker of AccuVax® Vaccine Management System today jointly announced that AccuVax will be used at all Pediatric Associates sites to optimize vaccine storage and management. Pediatric Associates, America’s largest private pediatric practice, is replacing its conventional refrigerator/freezer units with the AccuVax Vaccine Management System, a state-of-the-art vaccine management platform that automates vaccine storage, monitoring and handling.

AccuVax ensures that vaccine efficacy and safety is maintained to the strictest of standards through a unique door-less design and built-in battery backup that maintain ideal temperature management. Further, because it’s fully automated, it eliminates burdensome vaccine administrative work, allowing clinical staff to focus on patient care.

“AccuVax optimally protects vaccines and minimizes cumbersome vaccine management activities, supporting Pediatric Associates’ mission to enhance the lives of all children, their families and communities by delivering the highest quality pediatric healthcare and services in a compassionate and healthy environment,” said Scott D. Farr, Pediatric Associates’ Chief Operating Officer. “AccuVax is the first and only door-less vaccine storage unit on the market, and it ensures that the temperature variation vaccines experience is minimal, which means they remain in their most effective and safe state until administered.”

AccuVax was developed by TruMed Systems of San Diego, which is installing units in medical practices and health systems across the country. Pediatric Associates has unique experience with AccuVax as it participated as one of 20 pilot sites nationwide to provide real-world feedback to help improve the System. Clinical managers Virginia Lyons and Liz Wallin were part of the pilot and say the new system has helped to simplify the time-consuming procedures they had to follow to manage vaccine inventories. It has also has given them peace of mind that the vaccines they are giving their patients are at optimal potency.

“The storage of the vaccines is really important and often underappreciated,” said Lyons. “If you don’t keep them at the correct temperature, it can distort what the vaccine is meant to do, which is to protect our kids and keep them safe.”

Lyons estimates that her clinic alone dispenses more than 200 vaccine doses a day.

“Doing inventory is a dream with AccuVax, we can easily keep track of inventory and temperature logs through the unit’s touchscreen interface or remotely via a secure web-based portal,” Wallin added. “Previously our staff would have to restock the conventional refrigerator/freezers in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Now we are able to keep hundreds of vaccines doses in the new unit and receive advance notices if a vaccine is going to expire or supplies are running low. It saves us a lot of time.”

Inventory losses due to power failure1, improper storage and expired doses are common,2 and have created challenges for even the most advanced practices and health systems.

Wallin, who has worked at Pediatric Associates for 24 years, is all too familiar with the amount of effort and stress involved in managing a busy practice’s vaccine supply and trying to avoid inventory waste. She stated that the automated system has dramatically reduced the amount of work and worry involved in managing the large number of vaccines they deliver to their patients.

“It sounds silly, but I sleep better because I’m not worried,” said Wallin, recalling having to go to the office at 2 o’clock in the morning after an alarm alerted her to temperature fluctuations in one of her old vaccine storage units. “You don’t have the alarm calling you in the middle of the night. We haven’t experienced any temperature excursions since the decision to implement AccuVax at all our sites; it’s perfect.”

Because of the benefits afforded by the AccuVax System, Pediatric Associates is now installing units throughout its network of clinics from Jacksonville to South Florida to better protect their patients and communities.

“We can only optimally protect our children and communities from debilitating and deadly diseases if we safeguard the potency of the vaccines we rely on. TruMed’s vision is to provide the medical community with a solution that helps ensure optimal protection against preventable diseases,” said Jesper Jensen, CEO of TruMed Systems. “We’re honored to work with Pediatric Associates, a recognized leader in pediatric medicine, to place our AccuVax Systems across their 34 sites.”

TruMed Systems announced the commercial availability of the AccuVax Vaccine Management System in September of 2017.

About Pediatric Associates

Pediatric Associates is the nation’s largest privately owned primary care pediatric practice, with more than 250 providers and 35 convenient locations extending from Jacksonville to Miami. Its facilities offer families comprehensive services, including X-ray and state certified laboratories. Pediatric Associates is open 365 days a year with weekend, evening and holiday hours for patient convenience. Its mission is to enhance the lives of all children and their families by delivering the highest quality pediatric healthcare in a compassionate and healthy environment. For more information, visit

About AccuVax® Vaccine Management System

AccuVax is the purpose-built vaccine supply management system that automates product control and integrity, minimizes risks of incorrect vaccine delivery, and optimizes office work flow so that providers can focus on care delivery. AccuVax is an integrated solution that includes hardware, software, online access, software updates, training, optional integrations, technical support and maintenance. AccuVax is already being used in many individual clinics, major health systems and public healthcare facilities throughout the US. The vaccine management system is available as a monthly subscription, requiring no down payment and no capital expense.

More information about the AccuVax Vaccine Management System can be found by visiting or calling 1-844-TruMed1. Watch the YouTube video on AccuVax. Contact TruMed Systems at today on how to order.

About TruMed® Systems

TruMed Systems, a medical technology company developing innovative point-of-care supply management systems for healthcare professionals, today announced the commercial availability of the AccuVax® Vaccine Management Systems. TruMed Systems’ mission is to improve healthcare practitioners’ total vaccine outcomes by creating point-of-care supply management systems that support product efficacy and practice objectives. For more information, visit

1 U.S. Energy Information Administration,

2 Hibbs et al. Vaccine. 2015 Jun 22;33(28):3171-8. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.05.006. Epub 2015 May 14.



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