AccuShelf now interfaces with Helmer Scientific i.Series® cold storage units to expand TruMed’s medication management solutions and offer enhanced security.

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 15, 2022 — TruMed Systems, a medical inventory management company, today announced a new integration with Helmer Scientific providing a solution for access-controlled cold storage for vaccines and medications requiring refrigeration and freezing. Helmer Scientific is a leading manufacturer of cold storage products and processing equipment. By partnering with TruMed, customers will now benefit from enhanced vaccine management and access control capabilities on Helmer refrigerators and freezers.

AccuShelf software now interfaces with Helmer’s medical grade, temperature-controlled cold storage i.Series units to provide an added layer of security with auto-locking doors that protect vaccines and medications.  Further benefits include integration of Helmer’s digital data logger into TruMed’s VFC reporting system and TruMed’s alerting suite. This integration is an extension of TruMed’s effort to work with “best in class” partners to extend the products and services the company offers.

“Helmer Scientific is the premier provider of pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators and freezers to the clinical market, and we are excited to partner with them to deliver enhanced controlled access solutions to our customer base,” said Jesper Jensen, CEO of TruMed Systems. “Through this partnership, we are delivering another solution to help our customers track and control their refrigerated and frozen medical inventory while helping to reduce waste and increase patient safety. The pairing of our medical inventory management solution with Helmer’s cold storage systems provides the ideal solution to the market.”

AccuShelf integrates with Helmer to provide barcode confirmation of all stocking, picking, and dispensing activities of refrigerated and frozen vaccines and medications. AccuShelf tracks all vaccines and medications as a part of a comprehensive, integrated inventory system. With this integration, AccuShelf now provides remote access control to Helmer cold storage units to limit access to expensive or highly regulated medications. AccuShelf limits personnel actions through biometric-controlled access, secured door access, and provides reports of all door openings. AccuShelf enables automated temperature reports and makes centralized monitoring easy, even for remote Helmer units.

Helmer Scientific refrigerators and freezers have been designed to meet temperature performance requirements as included in the new NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard.

About Helmer Scientific
Helmer Scientific is a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of high-quality medical-grade laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for the life science industry with a passion to serve its customers in their efforts to improve and save human lives. Helmer Scientific has been providing reliable medical-grade refrigerator and freezer solutions since 1977. They are recognized as an industry leader in providing pharmacy professionals with reliable storage for valuable medications and vaccines, ensuring a high level of patient care and safety. For more information please visit

About TruMed Systems, Inc: TruMed Systems provides AccuVax and AccuShelf, which improves health care practitioners’ total outcomes by creating point-of-care inventory management systems that support product efficacy, patient safety, and practice objectives.


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