Variety Care Standardizes Vaccine Storage and Handling Across all  Locations  Using the AccuVax® Vaccine Management System

August 6th, 2019, Oklahoma City, OK – Variety Care standardizes its vaccine storage and handling throughout Oklahoma with AccuVax.  The AccuVax Vaccine Management System is the emerging standard for vaccine storage and handling.

Variety Care remains dedicated to elevating the standard of care received by all Oklahomans. The proper storage and handling of vaccines play a pivotal role in protecting patients and local communities served by the state’s largest Federally-Qualified Community Health Center (FQHC).

“By standardizing our vaccine management with the AccuVax system, our vaccines are protected and allow our entire team to remain focused on delivering safe and effective immunization to all patients,” Variety Care CEO Lou Carmichael said. “As a FQHC, Variety Care is dedicated to increasing access to quality health care services and improving the standard of care received by local community members.”

AccuVax is the only auto-dispensing, all-in-one vaccine solution for safely storing and easily managing vaccine stock. With an easy-to-use interface, automatic temperature logging, and dose-level inventory tracking, the AccuVax system simplifies the manual and laborious tasks clinics must perform to meet vaccine management requirements.

“We are proud to partner with Variety Care and other FQHCs across the country on their initiatives to provide high-quality health services and focus on patient needs,” said Jesper Jensen, TruMed CEO. “AccuVax is committed to optimizing vaccine management and assisting FQHCs with improving quality care while lowering costs.”

For more information on Variety Care, please visit To schedule an appointment, please call (405) 632-6688.


About Variety Care, Inc.

Variety Care, Inc. is Oklahoma’s largest community health center with thirteen health care facilities in central and western Oklahoma. In 2018, we provided comprehensive and coordinated medical, dental, behavioral health, vision, and

social services to 124,733 individuals through 304,893 encounters.  A United Way partner agency, Variety Care serves
patients with insurance and without insurance and strives to make health care affordable and accessible for all patients. The Variety Care Foundation provides philanthropic support and community awareness for Variety Care and its efforts.

About AccuVax Vaccine Management System

AccuVax is the fastest growing vaccine storage and handling solution and is currently in use at many individual clinics, major health systems, and public healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. AccuVax is the only, all-in-one vaccine storage and management solution that automates vaccine control and integrity, minimizes risks of incorrect vaccine delivery, and optimizes office workflow so that providers can focus on top of license care. AccuVax is an integrated solution that includes hardware, software, online reports, software updates, training, optional integrations, technical support and maintenance, and industry-leading security. To learn more about the AccuVax visit, call 1-844-TruMed1, or email today.


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