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Vaccine Management, Made Easy.

Vaccine Management, Made Easy.

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Vaccine Storage Solutions

The Market-Leading Vaccine Storage & Handling Solution.

AccuVax Vaccine Management System safeguards all vaccines, guarantees temperature control, eliminates loss, and enhances patient safety.

Guaranteed Temperature Control
Eliminate Vaccine Waste & Loss
Enhance Patient Safety
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Intuitive User Interface and Workflows.

With a simple and intuitive design, the AccuVax Vaccine Management System simplifies vaccine storage and handling compliance to assure maximum staff time savings and workflow effectiveness. AccuVax is fully HIPAA compliant and is the only automated, biometrically secure vaccine system that enables you to set access levels and track vaccines by the dose.

cdc approved vaccine fridge and freezer

Biometric Access Control

vaccine freezer

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

vaccine fridge and freezer

Easy Loading & Dispensing