Common Vaccine Storage & Management Challenges

Effective vaccine management presents many challenges to any practice. We have found that every practice can group vaccine storage and management challenges in 4 key areas:

Extensive Storage Equipment Requirements

Meeting regulatory guidelines requires purchasing a piece-meal solution of refrigerators, freezers, digital data loggers (DDLs), a backup generator and an alerting suite.

Waste and Loss Affecting the Bottom Line

Accounting for vaccine loss, waste, missed billing, and temperature excursions that negatively impact a practice’s bottom line.

Tasks Interfering with Top of License care

Spending time on vaccine tasks that include counting, rotating, ordering inventory, and documenting temperatures distract from the entire office practicing Top of License care.

Reputational Risk to the Practice

Experiencing even one vaccine administration error can increase liability risk or harm a practice’s reputation in the community

“I had to constantly worry where my vaccines are placed, where they are pulled, and are they being charged properly.”

Rodrigo Argenal, Argenal Pediatrics

Ineffective & Costly

The main area that can cost a practice significantly without them even knowing is vaccine waste and loss. A CDC study found that up to 5% of vaccine inventory is wasted at a practice that manages vaccines. Here are the main causes of vaccine waste and loss.

Costly Causes of Vaccine Waste & Loss

Temperature Excursion

Frequent door openings, power outages, or poor equipment can lead to thousands of dollars in vaccines loss

Vaccine Expiration

Not properly rotating stock or over-ordering vaccines will lead to unused and expired vaccines

Inventory Loss

Miscounts, selection errors, and missing vaccine can cost a practice $100 per dose

Missed Billings

Inventory stock-outs or immunization not properly documented prevents recouping costs of patient visit

Do You Know Your True Ownership Costs?

When it comes to safeguarding your vaccines, meeting compliance, and managing your investment, there is much more than purchasing a refrigerator and a digital data logger. See what it is really costing this average practice who administers 40 doses per day, with 50% VFC inventory.

AccuVax Vaccine Management System
See how this emerging standard address each of these challenges

Waste & Loss