Eliminate Waste & Loss

Eliminate Vaccine Waste & Loss

AccuVax® eliminates the costly vaccines waste and loss affecting a practice’s immunization efforts. The system provides multiple solutions to eliminate waste and loss, from guaranteed temperature management to prevent temperature excursions to user-controlled access to top disappearing vaccines. In addition, AccuVax automatically rotates stock to always dispense the nearest to expire vaccine. With the included MyAccuVax.com portal access, every dose transacted is documented, providing an audit trail for any billing or EHR system.

“It’s one of the best investments I have made.”
– Dr. Argenal

Dr. Rodrigo Argenal, of Argenal Pediatrics in Edinburg, Texas explains how he and his staff have applied AccuVax into their workflow and practice.

Costly Causes of Vaccine Waste & Loss

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Temperature Excursion

Frequent door openings, power outages, or poor equipment can lead to thousands of dollars in vaccines loss

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Vaccine Expiration

Not properly rotating stock or over-ordering vaccines will lead to unused and expired vaccines

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Inventory Loss

Miscounts, selection errors, and missing vaccine can cost a practice $100 per dose

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Missed Billings

Inventory stock-outs or immunization not properly documented prevents recouping costs of patient visit

AccuVax Solves Waste & Loss

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Temperature Guarantee

Door-less design and built-in battery backup ensure ideal temperature control. Alerting suite and TruMed monitoring ensures protection before there is any issue

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Never Expire Another Dose

Automatic inventory rotation ensures vaccine dispensed is next to expire. Manage effectively with customer expiry and usage alerts

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Secured Access

User-controlled, biometrically secured access and full unit dose tracking reports prevent doses from going missing or unaccounted

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Audit Billing & Patient Records

Document every dose dispense with the appropriate patient to generate a report to audit other systems. Available EMR/EHR integrations for eliminating errors

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Are You Losing 5% of Your Vaccine Investment?

AAP’s “The Business Case for Pricing Vaccines” estimates that there is an estimated loss, waste, or nonpayment of at least 5% of the total inventory on hand at a pediatric practice.

Calculate Your Savings Using AccuVax!

AccuVax has provided a free online calculator that will email a customized report based on the inputs you provide. See what your true cost of vaccine storage and handling is today, and how much AccuVax can save you!

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