Practice Top Of License Care

Practice Top of License Care

AccuVax® frees up staff time for high value care with workflows that automate CDC and VFC compliance, including temperature logs and inventory stock reports. Prevent staff, clinicians, and doctors from time-consuming vaccine management tasks with the AccuVax solution that can provide real-time dose counts, automatically rotate inventory, manage separation of VFC and private inventory, and record temperature logs.

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“The idea of operating at the top of your license means practicing to the full extent of your education and training, instead of spending time doing something that could be effectively done by someone else.“

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“It has been life changing to our practice”
– Leslie

Leslie Carino from Imperial Beach Health Centers talks how AccuVax helps addressed her daily vaccine management issues, from inventory tracking to battery backup.

Simplify Laborious Vaccine Tasks

AccuVax vs Conventional Unit
Conventional Fridge/Freezer
Monthly counting, rotating inventory, and managing temperature excursions8 hours0 hours
Automatically separates VFC and private stock
Sends “low inventory” and “expiring soon” alerts


Provides real-time inventory counts at MyAccuVax.com and simplifies re-ordering
Complete inventory audit trail, from single dose tracking to enterprise-wide reporting for fast reconciliation
Nurse scanning vaccine box into Accuvax

Simplify Workflows & Automate Compliance

AccuVax workflows are designed to simplify all areas of vaccine storage & management, allowing staff and the entire practice to focus on higher value care.

Barcode reader
Quick & accurate loading


Automatically records temperatures
Completes regulatory logs


Guaranteed temperature control and stability
Eliminates excursions


Real time inventory
Simplifies reconciliation

Automatically rotates
Nearest to expiry is always first out


Separates VFC from private
No additional fridge/freezer, no manual labeling, nor extra bins needed


Alerting suite
Notifications of low inventory, expiry, etc


Simplifies reordering
Online MyAccuVax portal includes suggested order quantities and days on hand calculations

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