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Getting to Know AccuShelf – Basic Functions

1.0 Loading AccuShelf

2.1 AccuShelf Dispensing from Inventory Mode

2.2 AccuShelf Dispensing from Patient Mode

2.3 AccuShelf Dispensing from Order Mode

3.0 AccuShelf Users Button

4.0 AccuShelf Inventory Button

5.0 Reconcile

6.1 AccuShelf Return

6.2 AccuShelf Returning Multi-Dose Vials

7.0 Creating Custom Items

8.0 Transferring Inventory

9.0 Managing COVID Vaccines

10.0 Moving COVID Vaccines

AccuVax Training Videos

AccuVax Users Button

Dispensing Inventory Mode

Dispensing Order Mode

Dispensing Patient Mode

Loading AccuVax

Returning MultiDose Vial

Returning Single-Use Syringe

Returning Single-Use Syringe

Loading Unique Shaped Vaccines (MMR & Rotarix)

Wrong Vaccine or No Vaccine Dispensed – What to Do

How to Remove ALL Vaccines from AccuVax

How to Transfer Inventory & View Inventory

Overview of Auxillary Draw for Additional Storage

How to Load ABRYSVO into AccuVax

AccuSite PortalTraining Videos

AccuSite Creating Reports

AccuSite Temperature Data

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