Who We Are

At TruMed, we imagine and create a better way. We are determined to reduce cost and improve outcomes within health care by creating innovative, efficient, effective point-of-care supply management systems.


is to serve stakeholders and create a world where vaccine storage and handling ensures maximum protection against preventable diseases.


is to improve healthcare practitioners’ total vaccine outcomes by creating point-of-care supply management systems that support product efficacy and practice objectives.


Our approach is simple: to provide healthcare practitioners with the best possible support and service, all while ensuring AccuVax meets their environmental needs so they can deliver effective patient care and achieve positive outcomes.

Our team at TruMed continues to serve all of our stakeholders with our unique expertise from years of experience in the healthcare industry.


Imagine not having to manually count, stock, rotate, inventory, log, report, or order supply. Imagine a practice where providers are able to spend more time with patients.

It takes thorough planning, domain expertise, true product innovation, and the know-how and commitment to make it happen, one purpose-built solution at a time.

Our starting point is vaccines, which have changed the course of human health. From there, we will focus on other opportunities where inefficiencies are high and an effective solution helps healthcare providers improve and save more lives on a large scale.