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Technology built to transform healthcare.

Transforming healthcare requires innovative, diverse solutions that position providers at the forefront. Privia has partnered with TruMed to enable providers to practice medicine efficiently and effectively, thrive in value-based care, while putting their patients first.


The Market-Leading Vaccine Storage & Handling Solution.

The AccuVax Vaccine Management System automatically manages all aspects of vaccine storage and handling. This all-in-one system protects both refrigerated and frozen vaccines in the same unit, guarantees temperature control, and includes VFC compliant reports. With battery backup and 24/7 support, AccuVax simplifies vaccine management for your practice.

Intuitive User Interface and Workflows.

With a simple and intuitive design, the AccuVax Vaccine Management System simplifies vaccine storage and handling compliance and assures maximum workflow effectiveness. AccuVax integrates with Athena to easily add vaccine NDC, Lot # and Expiration Date to patient’s chart. AccuVax is fully HIPAA compliant, and is the only automated, biometrically secure vaccine system that enables you to set access levels and track vaccines by the dose.

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cdc approved vaccine fridge and freezer

Biometric Access Control

vaccine freezer

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

vaccine fridge and freezer

Easy Vaccine Loading and Dispensing

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Manage All Inventory with One System

Manage All Inventory with One System

AccuShelf empowers healthcare providers to take control of all their inventory, from medications, vaccines, PPE, supplies, and more. Using just one system, manage and track all inventory while simplifying compliance and keeping up-to-date on critical information such as supply stock levels, expiry dates and usage.

Efficient Inventory Control
Standardize and Simplify Workflows
Supports 340B Compliance
medical inventory management software for vaccines

AccuShelf TM

Inventory Management and Temperature Control

Inventory Management and Temperature Control

Manage your refrigerated and non-refrigerated inventory with AccuShelf TM.  With a quick scan, you can track any item, lot, and expiration to simplify overall inventory control, save time, and improve efficiencies throughout your practice. AccuShelf TM automates 6 of 10 of the required VFC activities.

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Tailored Enterprise-Wide Solutions.

Our products are designed to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities. Our proven, physician-focused vaccine and inventory management solutions are designed to reduce unnecessary costs, achieve better outcomes, and improve patient health and provider well-being.  Let us help tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and increase inventory accuracy, standardize workflows, and improve patient safety.

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